On my walk this morning....

I felt connected. I tapped into myself—the physical movement and breath helped me to just stop for a minute and listen to my thoughts and realize how much I 've been spinning. There is a part of me that thinks that I meditate enough and that is my ego trying to keep me from meditating, because as soon as I stopped I realized how much of my attention is wandering around wildly. I noticed that my energy was moving in a jagged lightening bolt pattern through my body—from inflammation to inflammation--over to the right and then to the left. I realized that if I just connect to the sun in the center where everything just is and everything is great and let that course through the center of my body, the jagged streak of energy would soften and move towards the center—melding with the sun source. My physical sensations began to blend into one feeling....

Realizing that coaching is a lot like Reiki. I can probably use energetic-emotional states and beams to draw people in whatever direction they seem to want to go and then asking questions is like the physical massage part as it asks each part of the body to look at itself.

Understanding that there is a dark sardonic—probably sometimes depressed part of me that broadens and expresses randomly when I am not meditating often. Perhaps it is especially obvious in these times when it is so vitally important to maintain connection to source and levity in action. I also noticed this has been peeping through lately—like when I am moving towards sleep or tired. Immediately upon entering meditation I saw this state of mind as just a state to be mostly moved out of and minimized. It was developed out of fear and is only useful every once in a while when combined with true intuition.

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