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Your Personal Enlightenment

We are shifting into a new paradigm and it is possible to ride the crest of this wave with connection your divinity and enlightenment.  There is bliss to embrace in each part of this life.  Enlightenment is an ability to see everything and everyone as part of god or source.  When you are able to gaze at your life from this perspective, you embrace every part of it and align the furthest reaches of your Self with the divinity of everything.  This is a veil-window to your highest presence--your magical powers. 

Access your deep personal perspective through Transpersonal Enlightenment Coaching with Erinsutra.  Set intentions and goals from this understanding and work consciously in that direction.   Through a deep and educated curiosity about you, Erinsutra urges you to talk about your true ideas and in a Pure Coaching session. 

Beyond that, there are parts of your Self that don't fit in the linear order needed to express them in words.  So, if you would like to delve deeper, Erinsutra will help you to develop a personal movement meditation practice and a habit of artistic self-expression with a Transpersonal Art Yoga session.  Create tools for self mastery that eventually become part of your elevated daily life.

Share your Authentic Self with the world.  Travel to heaven with your lovers. Perfume your work space and home with bliss. Create your world in your highest light.

 You can align with the new paradigm and claim your power over the world around you.  

Why Art?  Why Yoga?

Art and yoga are powerful tools to help you to examine the subtle aspects of yourself and to fill your environment with your soul embodied.

ART:  Everyone has their unique way of expressing visually.  Art is a way to access thoughts that can't conform to the linear heirarchy needed to put them into words.  Whether abstract or representational, making art opens a door to your deeper consciousness and allows you to look at it later from other perspectives. 


Yoga is an ancient system to remove blockages in your body mind and soul, allowing energy to run efficiently through every single part of YOU.  It begins with a deep consideration of the effect of your actions that blossoms into mindful living. 

It incorporates Asana-a physical system of clearing out the body and connecting energetic channels in your self and also in relationships with others.

Yoga means Yolking-as these practices facilitate an understanding of similarity and union with every other part of existence.  One can experience this deep union with themselves or in communion with another person and love.  When you are able to move outside of your known self and into alignment with the real energetic flow of the universe, life becomes amazing.


Access your source and your divine creative kundalini center.  Experience life from the part of you that is just beam of life having experience through a body and five senses.

Find and embody your Enlightened Perspective.

A session with Erinsutra leaves you feeling as though you've shifted the dimension that you exist in, because this is possible through Devi Tantra yoga, art and your connection to source.

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