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Moving From Source

Reality is shifting fast and many people feel a loss of control and understanding over life.  It is vitally important to figure out why you are here; what your soul is here to do.  Survival depends on offering your greatest strengths and talents--the things that you would choose to do if you could only do one thing.  Your greatest desires and most exciting goals are actually your soul talking to you.  When you are able to embrace every part of your life, you understand that these things--even the challenges--are guiding you towards the life you dream of.  The way to create a life where you are contributing your energy to the things you deeply love is to admit to yourself why you are actually here and then to find ways to spend your time the way you really want to. 

The Divine Alignment Personal Program

Erin helps you to access your reason for existing.  Using ancient tantric yoga and meditation practices as well as your personal ways of expressing yourself artistically to find the highest levels of your being and the part of you that is just beam of life having experience through a body and five senses.  From this understanding you can find bliss in the greatest challenges that life offers as you see how they bring you into a deeper understanding of your mission in this life.  Deeply accept addiction, divorce, loss of job, conflicts with loved ones, illness and all of the darks and lights that life has to offer.  Look at life from a tantric perspective and see absolutely everything as an aspect of the divine source that enlivens you.  When you are able to do that, problems unravel and challenges become your greatest source of inspiration.

Embrace the Darkness!

Learn to see in the dark...

Learn to embrace every part of your life as a gift and guidance, not only towards your goals, but the trajectory of your soul.  Find your true reason for being here on this planet and direct all of your attention towards that.  Have your essence and passion permeate all of your surroundings.   Share the best of yourself with everyone and everything around you.

Life As Art

Take personal responsibility for absolutely everything around you.  Consider your life as your own personal dimension with everything you encounter as somehow your creation.  Whether you believe in this or not, you immediately assume the full creative power available to you.  You can create any sort of life you want--all you need to do is admit what you actually want to do and move in that direction.  

Using meditation, art, neuro-linguistic programming and a huge curiosity about you as a divine spark in this magnificent time, Erin helps you to orient towards a version of your life that follows your deepest desires.  A session with Erin leaves you feeling as though you've shifted the dimension that you exist in, because this is possible through meditation and connection to source.

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